Surrender Prayer by Christine Boudreau Life CoachDear God,

I’m so tired.

So scared.

I feel I cannot go on.

I’ve worked so hard.

Fought for so long.

Yet feel I have accomplished so little.

I lean hard into the winds that oppose me

And swim strong against the current.

Yet my persistence is met with resistance.

So I surrender all to You.

I do not give up.

I release.

I simply surrender

All that I fight against and

All that I believe to be true.

I surrender my need to control.

I surrender my drive for perfection.

I surrender my way and my will.

I am humbled by my journey

Which dutifully reminds me

I am not the omniscient one.

So I surrender to You.

I release

My thoughts, which hold me victim,

My negativity, which holds me captive,

My doubt, which binds me to darkness, and

My fears, which bind me to my ego.

I ask that You strengthen my faith.

I ask that You re-establish my trust.

I ask that You re-build me so that

I may create in Your name instead of my own.

Because I know the obstacles

I face are of my own creation

And Your way for me is an effortless existence.

I surrender.