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Are you tired of the constant stream of negative thoughts that run through your mind?  Do you wish you could quit your automatic negative thoughts and knee-jerk reactions to events and situations?

In this free Knowledge Shot™, Christine dissects what is a negative thought, and what components create negative thinking.  Then, she discusses how to disengage from unwanted ideas and get rid of negative thoughts.

We are all guilty of hanging out with negativity – from snarky comments about co-workers to cumbersome beliefs that we’ll never pay-off debt or lose weight.  Sometimes the negative thoughts are about things like you’re not good enough to work for that company or date that guy.  Sometimes outside influences trigger your negative thinking.  For example, when you see a new car commercial, your thoughts turn sour, and you believe everyone on the planet can afford a new car except you.

Negative thoughts can be precipitated by family events, especially around the holidays.  You cringe at the idea of your mom criticizing your cooking. Her words become your negative thoughts.

It’s time to overcome negative thoughts.  With this Knowledge Shot™, you will learn once and for all how to stop negative thoughts.

It’s the constant stream of negativity that is most dangerous.  You know the one – the automatic tape that plays in our heads.

Sometimes it berates us and tries to convince us that we aren’t good enough.  Or perhaps it constantly complains about certain things.  Or everything.

Regardless which poison your negative thinking abuses, Christine teaches you 5 tools that will stop those thoughts from consuming you.  Let her teach you how to avoid negative thoughts once and for all.

Stop Negative Thoughts with this FREE Knowledge Shot(TM)


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