Solve Your Problems TodayLearn how your thoughts can change your world this very instant.

The first step in solving your problems today:  Grab a sheet of paper.  Or open the note app on your phone. In 2 minutes, quickly and without really thinking, make a list of everything wrong or unsatisfactory in your life.

Your list might include things like:

  • I was laid off and can’t find work.
  • My colleagues don’t listen to me.
  • My boss is a micro-manager.
  • I never have enough money.
  • My ex-spouse is difficult to deal with.
  • I need to lose weight.

Now, next to the original statement, re-write the statement using the word gifted, so that it is worded like this:

  • My company laid me off.
  • My company gifted me a lay off.
  • I need to lose weight.
  • My body gifted me additional weight.

Think about how these revised statements are true.  You may feel resistance to viewing hardships as gifts.  They don’t feel like gifts.  Force yourself to see how something so horrible could maybe, quite possibly, actually be a blessing.

Maybe your lack of money motivates you to find a higher paying job.

Maybe being over-weight causes you to join a fitness program where you meet the love of your life.

When you look at your hardships as gifts, your perception changes.  When you view problems differently, you are able to see new solutions.  God’s grace is in your ability to see things differently.

Sometimes the hardship doesn’t produce a blessing immediately, but if you look long enough, you will find it.

For just today, don’t think in terms of what someone “did to you” or “gave you.’  In fact, eliminate the verb give from your vocabulary today.  Replace it with the word gifted.

My ex-spouse gifted me with a bad marriage.

Now search inside your self for how that is true.

Always show gratitude for the gifts in your life.  Silently thank the person for their gift.  Now you are on your journey to healing, and solving all your problems. Your life will change the instant you perceive your hardships as gifts, your tormentor as a gift-giver, and practice gratitude for all the above.

Remember — forgiveness is the act of forgiving.  Thank you for giving me this gift.

I’d love to hear from you! How will you solve your problems today?