This is a motivational prayer I wrote titled Lead the Way.

When I wrote this motivational prayer, I felt particularly vulnerable.
I beat myself up for not being good enough. Not writing good enough. Not working on my business good enough.
Motivational Prayer Titled Lead the Way by Christine Boudreau Life CoachBasically, anything and everything I tried to do wasn’t good enough according to the negative voice in my head.
The constant stream of negative thoughts beat on me like a jack hammer pounding through concrete.
So I got quiet. And turned to God.
I thought about all the ways I was good enough. How I overcame difficult struggles in my life.
How the mean girls in high school stole my most prized possessions, like my writing journal and my confidence. How they teased me for living in a trailer. How they called me horrible names and convinced lots of other kids to hate me. Just because.
How I was home alone most of the time when I was a kid because my single-mom worked two jobs, and yet I managed to raise myself. I always made good grades. I didn’t get into drugs. I went to college.
But it’s never enough says the negativity. It doesn’t care if you were the valedictorian or the gold medalist. It’s ironic how much power you give the negative voice. It takes over and convinces you to believe some ridiculous things. And live in darkness.
No matter how hopeless the situation, no matter how difficult the challenge, there is always a way out. There are always footsteps to follow.
In my heart I knew God was with me, and He would lead the way.
This was the prayer I found myself saying. I hope it helps you find solace when you need someone to follow.


I am humbled by Your grace,

by Your words,

by Your work.

I suffer at my own hands;

heavy from my own heart.

And this You know.

So You come to me

In ways I could not comprehend.

Until I do.

And there You are.

Thank You for this moment.

May I witness many more

As faith walks me through the door.

Lead the way.

I will follow

You home.