Inspirational Prayer Titled My Prayer for You by Christine Boudreau LIfe CoachI wrote this inspirational prayer for my husband. He was struggling with the everyday things of everyday things.

I knew exactly what he was feeling because I’ve seen it and felt it a hundred times before.

It’s those times when you know better, but for whatever reason you can’t do better.

Maybe your co-worker is driving you nuts, and you can’t seem to figure out how to work together.

Or your boss is too narrow-minded, and you’re butting heads.

It’s the little everyday things that trip you up and take you off track. With this prayer, I hope you are able to get re-focused and re-aligned.


My Prayer for You

May your confidence always come from within.

May your higher self always guide you.

May your life purpose be known and shown to you.

May you always live at the highest point in yourself.

May your light always shine and be a beacon to others.

May you always see the light in everyone and everything.

May you never forget that all things have love and light.

May your ego sit in the
passenger seat while your spirit drives.

May you accomplish your mission.

May you follow your heart instead of your head.