Do you ever wonder how to get what you really want in life?  

Easy. Let your soul glow.

Let me explain.

You were born with a light inside:  a God-given talent.  Your soul’s glow.  An internal fingerprint that resembles no other fingerprint in any shape or form.

Your soul’s glow shines in only the way that your  light can.  It is unique to you.  God put that light in you for a reason.  God does every single thing for a reason, including you.

What you really want in life is the courage to let your soul glow.

It’s your responsibility to shine the light.  Find the light.  Be the light.  Nurture the light.  Let it grow and glow.

How to Get What You Really Want in Life by Christine Boudreau Life CoachBecause if you aren’t you, who will you be?  If your  significant, individual light does not shine, from where will the light come?  Our world will be a shade darker.  Isn’t our world dark enough?

I’ll let you in on a secret:  If you’re not happy, chances are it’s because you’re not expressing the real you.  You’re not glowing.

What you really want is to be the authentic you, and use your God-given talents.

You might ask, but what is my light?  Well, it really is simple to determine because God gives us clues to our authentic selves.  Look no further than what you love to do.  What are you doing when time flies?

Do more of that thing.

Maybe your God-given talent is baking cookies.  Everyone knows that you bake the very best cookies.  They even tell you so.  All the people, who know about your cookies, constantly request a batch.  They beg, they plead, they ask:  When you gonna bake more of those cookies?  But you have a day job because somebody’s got to pay the bills.  Nonetheless, you dream of earning a living baking cookies.

Oooh  how you dream of earning a living baking cookies!  You don’t have to be a Kardashian.  You don’t even need a cookie dynasty.  You just want to earn an honest living.  Yet even that seems impossible.  You ponder…  Where would you get the cash?  How would you find customers?  You wring your hands.  You wish you knew how to make the dream a reality!  Sigh.  Guess you’ll put that dream on a shelf.  Stupid fool.  Dreams are for kids.  How in the world would anyone make a living selling cookies?

It’s simple:  Surrender to God.

Not because God’s got a magic oven that bakes golden cookies.  Not because you’re lazy and expect someone else to do all the work.  It’s because when you surrender all of your worries, doubts, fears, and insecurities to God – and I mean really surrender them – miracles happen.  How do you surrender?  What exactly does that mean?

The Surrender Prayer and My Prayer for You will get you started.  I promise that God will lead the way.  All you need to do is have faith and follow His lead.  Listen to His advice.  He’ll leave a trail of breadcrumbs.  Trust me.  That’s how I started this blog and found you.

This is bigger than you.

Remember that by shining your light, and allowing your soul to glow, you lead the way for all of us.  It’s not just cookies you are baking, but examples you are setting.  When you have the courage to take the leap of faith to live authentically, it gives the rest of us inspiration and permission to do the same.  And when we all shine, the world glows with authenticity and love.



About Christine:  From trailer park to country club, Christine’s history proves you can beat the odds and achieve great success.  Today, she leads high-potential people through growth, change, and transition to accomplish goals and reach their maximum effectiveness.  For more information about her, read Christine’s Bio.