How to Find Patience NowHas anyone ever got on your nerves?  Does your mother-in-law criticize your cooking?  Maybe your boss micro-manages you too much?  Is your daughter’s teacher is difficult to deal with?  If you’ve ever needed to find patience, then you’ll want to know…

The secret to tolerance:  Remember that we’re all doing the best we know how.

Someone’s best might be your worst.  And vice versa.

Find compassion for people who can’t operate at the level you need them to – when you need them to.

Whatever the situation — your job is to remember we are all wounded.  We all carry some pain.  Try to see people for the pain they carry versus the pain they cause you.

Love them through the discomfort.  Love yourself too.  Because you are only doing the best you know how.

Maya Angelou reminds us:  When you know better, you do better.  And sometimes having knowledge gives you the responsibility to lead others.  How can you teach what you know to others?  What have you learned of your own pain?

Perhaps you know the 3Cs — Catch It, Challenge It, and Change It.  If not, read my blog post 3 Steps to Drop a Bad Habit for Good to learn more.

One thing is certain:  Every relationship (good/bad, long/short, loving/painful) is an exchange of energy between two people.  Every exchange of energy carries with it the opportunity to heal.

When you exchange energy with someone — whether it feels like tension, friction, or compassion — can you leave that person with more positive energy than you take away?

If you’re always giving, then the teaching & the healing takes care of itself.  For everyone.

You have the power to heal others.  Not only with your deeds and actions, but more importantly, with your thoughts.

Ask:  If this person is behaving the very best they know how, what can I do to show them a better way?  Maybe a smile, a hug, or just a silent thought.  A prayer for peace and happiness to be found.  A prayer to resolve + evolve.

Put aside your ego (wants, needs, and expectations).  Simply observe.  Maybe ask what’s going on deep down inside.  Then just listen.

Share with them an article that helped you see things differently.  The definition of miracles is to see things differently.  How can you create miracles for someone today?

How will you find patience today?

There’s a reason you’re reading this today.  Everything has a purpose.  Be yours.