Knowledge Shots ™

No time for one-on-one coaching?  Can’t sit still in a seminar?  Perhaps Knowledge Shots ™ are right for you.

Knowledge Shots ™ are quick doses of information to arm you with the skills you need now.  Enjoy self-paced learning on your own time at your own speed.

Most Knowledge Shots ™ take approximately 30-60 minutes to complete.  Knowledge Shots: Quick doses of information to arm you with the skills you need now. By Christine Boudreau Certified Life Coach.

7 Steps to Your Life Purpose

In this Knowledge Shot ™, you walk through 7 steps that help you determine what you are on Earth to do. Your life has a purpose. You have a mission. You are on Earth for a reason.

God imprinted a specific passion on your heart and instilled a unique set of skills in your DNA to help you accomplish your mission.

If you feel unfulfilled with your job, or if you feel called to do a certain thing, there is a reason!

Download this Knowledge Shot ™ today and discover your calling now! The world needs you to wake-up to your mission!

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10 Steps to Launch Your Website & Online Business

If your life purpose leads you to starting an online business, then this Knowledge Shot ™ is for you!  You will learn 10 key steps to launch your online business.  This Knowledge Shot ™ is a must-have for the new entrepreneur and anyone who is overwhelmed by the thought of building a website.  You will learn shortcuts to creating a successful website as well as recommended tools to use to help you get started.

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How to Shift Careers in Mid-Career

Looking for ways to shift careers even though your in the middle of your career?  Do you feel like you’ve worked too long in an industry or job that isn’t the right fit for you?  Are you looking to make a change but don’t want to lose years and years of experience you’ve built up?  Then this Knowledge Shot ™ is for you!  You’ll learn how to successfully navigate to a new career, re-market yourself and your skills — without disqualifying your history and work experience.

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