I wrote the prayer below for a friend who let her Control Freak get out of control. She was trying to micro-manage life and force it to go a certain way — the way she felt things should be.


I reminded her that she is here to serve God. Merriam-Webster defines servant as “a person who is devoted to or guided by something.” My friend’s need for control removed her from being a servant of God, and instead made her a slave to her ego.


Whenever your Control Freak is in charge, you become a servant of your ego. And your ego has never once given you good advice or guidance. God’s advice and guidance is always good. It is exactly what you need, when you need it.


God is a higher power, a force so strong and powerful that you do not need to worry how things will turn out. You do not need to control it all.


Surrender to the Almighty Power, and life becomes effortless.


White-knuckling life suffocates the miracles.  
A choke-hold on life does not allow any room for God to breathe His magic into it.


So let go.  Loosen your grip.


Prayer for Control Freaks by Christine Boudreau Life CoachIf God is a lighthouse, a beacon to guide you away from dangers in the dark, then your need for control is a 100-story solid wooden fence surrounding the lighthouse.


The fence is your ego’s false security, and it prevents you from following God’s grace.


Fear obstructs the view to God’s lighthouse. Fear’s fence is a false sense of security that prevents you from following God’s grace.


It is in your surrender — in the release — that your salvation comes. Salvation can be a tough concept for you to understand. Salvation simply means that you are released from your own prison. You are released from the hell that you are in.


Dictionary.com defines salvation as “the act of saving from harm, risk, loss, or destruction.” Sometimes Most of the time, the person you need saving from the most is yourself.


Because no one puts you in that hell. You choose to go there. Maybe you feel the need to learn lessons the hard way versus God’s way — the easy way. It’s all a matter of choice. How you see things. Everything is a matter of choice.


When the Control Freak insists on driving, and when fear obstructs the view to the lighthouse…  Pause and say this prayer:


Prayer for Control Freaks

Dear God,

My intention is to be Your humble servant.

To abide by You.

Do right by You.

Live according to Your will and not my own.


So many doubts, fears, and insecurities

Keep me stuck inside my own hell.

A fortress of defenses

Keeps me from doing

My work.

Your work.

The work You want and need me to do.

So I surrender.

I don’t give up.

I just surrender

All of those nagging doubts,

The incessant chatter in my head

That says I’m not good enough,

I can’t, no one wants what I’m selling,

My dreams are stupid.

Because my faith reminds me that You gave me those dreams.

You planted the seeds.

I trust that my dreams are born from Your light.

They are hints of the work You would have me do;

If I could just get myself out of the way.

Which is why I surrender

My will to Yours,

My way to Yours,

My plan to Yours.

Use me today to serve You,

And carry out Your will, Your way, Your plan.

Remind me of my strength, my skills, my hopes, my dreams, and my desires.

Remind me that it’s just fear behind the negative thoughts.

Remind me that it’s just fear behind the doubts and insecurities.

Remind me that it’s just my ego behind the fear.

Remind me that my ego leads me away from You.

So I surrender my ego to You.

I pray that I do not succumb to the ego’s false representations of fact.

I pray that in Your name my work is done.

I pray that I find a way today to be with You.

I surrender today to You.

So that I may be Your humble servant.



About Christine Boudreau:  From trailer park to country club, Christine’s history proves you can beat the odds and achieve great success.  Today, she leads high-potential people through growth, change, and transition to accomplish goals and reach their maximum effectiveness.  For more information about her, read Christine’s Bio.