How to Get What You Really Want in Life

How to Get What You Really Want in Life by Christine Boudreau Executive Coach

Do you ever wonder how to get what you really want in life?   Easy. Let your soul glow. Let me explain. You were born with a light inside:  a God-given talent.  Your soul’s glow.  An internal fingerprint that resembles no other fingerprint in any shape or form. Your soul’s glow shines in only the […]

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Motivational Prayer: Lead the Way

Motivational Prayer Titled Lead the Way by Christine Boudreau Life Coach

This is a motivational prayer I wrote titled Lead the Way. When I wrote this motivational prayer, I felt particularly vulnerable.   I beat myself up for not being good enough. Not writing good enough. Not working on my business good enough. Basically, anything and everything I tried to do wasn’t good enough according to […]

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6 Steps to Happiness

6 Steps to Happiness by Christine Boudreau

You can’t quite place your finger on it, but you know something isn’t right.  You’re searching for something.  You try to satisfy your hunger with things.  With people.  With chocolate.  With a glass of wine.  Definitely with busy-ness.  The kids and laundry keep your mind off that thing that isn’t quite right.  Dr. Brene Brown, […]

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