Here’s the secret to avoid disappointment…

Have you ever expected to get something, but then you didn’t?  Maybe you expected your husband to remember your anniversary.  Or your girlfriends to invite you to Girls’ Night Out.  Perhaps you expected your chocolate chip cookies to bake to perfection.

One Thing is Certain

If you have an expectation, disappointment lurks around the corner.  The solution?  Don’t have any expectations.  Ever.

Yes.  Say goodbye to all of your expectations.  Don’t expect TiVo to record your favorite show in its entirety…  Don’t expect your favorite restaurant to serve your favorite dish…  Don’t expect the boss to give you a promised promotion…  Your marriage to be effortless…  Your husband to climb the corporate ladder…  Your career to have a hockey-stick performance…  Your 401(k) to grow ten percent…  Your product to sell.

Google defines expectation as “a strong belief that something will happen or be the case in the future.”  When you expect, you are living in the future.  Living in the future robs you of the very moment in front of you right now.  If you want to find happiness, focus on what’s in front of you this very second.  Not what could come tomorrow.

Liberate yourself from your expectations, which bind you to the future.

When you live in the future, you come from a place of ego and not from your spirit.  Expecting is what the ego does.  Spirit always gives unconditionally, and never expects anything in return.

To find happiness, simply give without expecting anything in return.  Love without expecting love to be returned.  Live from the spirit and not the ego.

It’s as Easy as Pie.

Or cake.  If you mix in something sour, & not enough sweet, then the cake will taste sour or bitter.  If you put in sour and expect to get a sumptuously sweet cake, you will be disappointed.  All you can do is mix in the best ingredients, put it in the oven, and let God work His magic.  Enjoy whatever comes out.

How to Avoid Disappointment by Christine Boudreau, Certified Life CoachBecause no matter what cake you end up with, that’s the one you need.  God does everything on purpose.  When life hands you a mess, make a miracle.  You learn many a lesson by baking a yucky cake.

Relationship Cake

In your relationships, when have you not loved unconditionally – and mixed in too much sour and not enough sweet?  When have you added lots of nasty ingredients, and yet expected a delightful outcome?  Have you been the person you want your child to be? Have you loved your spouse the way you want to be loved?  Then why would you expect something different – than what you have given – in return?  Why expect anything in return at all?

Accept what you get as it is.  Learn from it.  Mix in different ingredients next time.  How does that cake turn out?  Experiment. Add a pinch of this and dash of that.  What did that produce?

The joy of the process isn’t in expecting the cake to taste a certain way, but to see the outcome as a gift, regardless of how it tastes.