What people are saying about Christine Boudreau, certified executive coach + writer + speaker.


Christine is an extremely gifted life and career coach, a transformative teacher and an experienced and trusted mentor. Not only does she take the time to listen, she does an excellent job of reflecting your true intentions from what she hears you say. I have found that a lot of coaches and teachers talk too much, but Christine seems to have found just the right balance of listening and sharing her ideas and suggestions with you. The thing I love most about working with Christine, is that she gives you valuable tools- so you have something to take away after your conversation has ended. This is where the important work of self-reflection begins, and she is there to guide you through the entire process. I truly appreciate the insight she has given me, the book recommendations, and all of her confidence inspiring wisdom. I look forward to working with her more!
Tracey Waldroup, Recruiter | Victoria, Texas
Tracey Waldroup


Meeting with Christine is one of the more energizing things I do. She is much too good a listener. I work with many executives and very few have the gifts Christine has. She is exceptionally bright, well-read, and articulate. She has an incredible presence and positive energy about her, and, most importantly, she has an ability to make others feel good about themselves! She constantly solicits my thoughts, ideas and reactions, and then demonstrates incredible curiosity, which makes me feel really smart and special! A person can change the world with skills like that!
Tom Daniel, Senior Partner at Korn Ferry | Dallas, Texas
Tom Daniel


Christine has helped me become the strong woman I am today. She has changed my life — the way I look at things, the way I look at others, the way I look at certain situations. She has helped me become aware of my own awareness! Christine has helped put me on a path of self-growth! She has helped me evolve into a better person. My life is positively different because of Christine!
Traci Wright-Hesley, Serial Entrepreneur | Little Rock, Arkansas
Traci Wright-Hesley


Christine has been a superb coach and mentor for me. I began working with her to gain a clearer future direction for my life. Her insight and positive reinforcement gave me greater clarity of my innate skills and passions.As a result of our work together, I took a series of steps that have now culminated in an opportunity to begin a new chapter in my life in academia. I would not be in the position I am without Christine’s guidance and support.
Mark Scovill, Program Manager | Lewisville, Texas
Mark Scovill


Christine has helped me many times over the last few years. She has always helped provide me with guidance, wisdom, and a new way of looking at my life.With her support I have been able to make great life changes that has led me to more happiness and self-fulfillment. She will help motivate and push you outside of your comfort zone to achieve great things. She will ask you the hard questions that need to be answered to move forward.With her engaging personality, intuition, and passion to help others, Christine will be a valuable asset to your life.
Aimee Benfield, Licensed Family Therapist | Allen, Texas
Aimee Benfield


Christine is a superb teacher, influencer, and motivator! She engages you to learn and pushes you to the next level of learning and becoming an expert in your chosen field. She has a warmth and likeability about her that draws you in to listen and learn from her and want more. She is a great leader/mentor who is knowledgeable, a great presenter and knows how to get people learning and listening to use the skills that she teaches us. Her experience in the business world at many senior level executive positions enhance her teachings and bring instant credibility to her field of marketing, social media, management and business development. I would highly recommend her to any company and would certainly not hesitate to have her speak or teach at any of corporate sales trainings or events. She is highly motivating, positive, and humble in her communication and offerings. It is very obvious that she loves teaching!
Tracy Lee, Business Consultant | Plano, Texas
Tracy Lee