How do you improve yourself in one simple step?  Easy…

Be like a kid today.

Kids learn a lot by simply watching and observing.  So can you.  Here’s what I mean…

How to Improve Yourself by Christine Boudreau Life CoachObserve without Judgment

For one 8 hour period — a typical work day — observe your thoughts, feelings, and reactions to all of the things that cross your path.  The key is to watch without judgment.  In other words, not only will you be the person having the thoughts and speaking the words, but also the person who watches you do those things.  Confused?

It’s Like Customer Service

Imagine a customer service department with two people working the counter, and a supervisor watching over everything.  The workers take customers’ complaints, feedback, criticisms, and compliments.  The supervisor stands in the background just observing.

One of the workers is very negative, hates the job, and thinks every customer is a pain.  The other worker is very positive, loves the job, and finds delight in even the largest of nuisances.  Their supervisor stands in the background observing their behavior.  Just watching.  Not judging.  Like a human video recorder.

You Are Customer Service

The customers’ complaints, compliments, etc. are like all of the stuff life throws at you today.

The workers are like your mind — judging the things that come into your life (or across their desk).

The supervisor is like your spirit, or higher self, simply observing the behaviors.  The observer takes detailed notes, like a scientist would if she was doing the observing…  When A happens, B is the reaction.  When X & Y happen, then Z is the reaction.

After a day of observation, ask yourself:

  • What did you learn?
  • Are you surprised by your behaviors?
  • Is your mind more like the negative worker or the positive worker?
  • Any behaviors that you’re not fond of?  Proud of?
  • What would you do differently?
  • Can you live in this mode everyday — being both the participant (the thinker, speaker, do-er) and the observer (the one who watches without judgment)?

It’s amazing what you can learn being a kid.