Perfect Career Wanted: Find Your Dream Job

Does finding the perfect career, or your dream job, feel like finding the perfect pair of jeans — impossible?

Do you dream of the perfect career? Does your current job situation feel like a bad fit?

You’re not alone.

You want a job that feels custom-made and tailor-fit to you.

You are unique. Your career should be too.

No one has your particular set of skills. No one has your distinct experiences. No one has your individual passion.

God combined your specific skills, experiences, and passion into the package of you. For a reason.

Everyone has a unique purpose. I help you live yours.

My intention is to help you succeed in the space God created for you. Join me in finding your true purpose & calling in life.

If you want to…
  • Live the life purpose God created for you
  • Escape the rat race & ditch the cube farm
  • Launch a new business or shift careers
  • Remove obstacles blocking your career success
You’ve come to the right place.


I lead clients through 4 critical Authenticity Checkpoints™:
  1. Rat Race Escape:  I help you escape the rat race, do the work God intended for you, and earn more money while living a balanced and fulfilled life.
  2. Resolve + Evolve™:  I help you heal from emotional scars & overcome negative self-image, which stop you from achieving your life purpose & finding your dream job.
  3. Back to Work:  I help career-abandoning moms find rewarding work that allows flexibility to be a mom and earn a darn good living.
  4. Consciously Created Careers:  I help corporate climbers, who are stuck in soul-depleting jobs, consciously create careers that are gratifying and fulfilling..
You can achieve your dreams.

I’ve been there and done that.  Read about the challenges I overcame on my path to success.

I’ve got a long history of leading people, like you, through change and transition.  To your truth.  Your authenticity.

Are you stuck at an Authenticity Checkpoint™? Let’s make amazing, positive change happen for you today.
Where do you want to start?

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